Our contracted insurance companies offer various discounts. We have classified discounts as under:

  • Auto Insurance Discounts
  • Property Insurance Discounts

Auto Insurance Discounts

See below list of discounts offered by various insurance companies.

  • Autonomous Emergency Braking System (AEB) Discount
  • Multi-Line Discount
  • Conviction Free Discount
  • Farmers’ Discount
  • Graduated Licensing Discount
  • Green Vehicle Discount
  • Multi-Vehicle Discount
  • Out of Town Student Discount
  • Retiree Discount
  • Winter Tire Discount
  • YD Certificate Discount
  • Anti theft Discount
  • Loyalty Discount
  • Group Discounts

Property Insurance Discounts

  • Age Discount
  • Alarm Discount
  • Broker Discretionary Discount
  • Multi-Line Discount
  • Claim Free Discount
  • Combined Policy Discount
  • Home Age Discount
  • Loyalty Discount
  • Mortgage Free Discount
  • Non-Smoker Discount
  • Unfinished/ Partially Finished Basement Discount
  • Water Alarm Discount

Above information is for reference purpose only. Please contact us to know exactly the qualifying criteria and % discount offered.